Please see below our responses to major queries.
If you cannot find yours, please call us or send it with query form.

Q:Can I look and check the machinery at the site?

Of course you can.
Please consider purchasing after your actual check.

Q:Do you offer a warranty?

We do not provide warranty period or warranty document.
It is because all machines are used ones and they are offered as they are.
So, we ask for your understanding in advance that we are not accepting a claim or machine return after contract.

Q:Are there any other expenses when contracting, except for payment for goods?

Documents regarding the contract are free, but delivery fee will be charged separately if you need.

Q:Do you carry out procedures for automobile inspection at the time of purchase?

In the case that you plan to drive the machine on the road, you have to go to the district transport bureau and do them by yourself.
However, there is an option with additional fee that our administrative scrivener can carry out the procedures for you.
Please contact us if you need.

Q:Can you arrange the delivery?

You can pick the machine by yourself, and also we can deliver it to you with additional fee.

Q:How can I make a payment?

You can transfer the amount into our bank account in advance, or you can also pay by cash when the machine is handed over to you at the time of contracting.